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We know how important it is to find child care you can really trust, as well as a preschool that exceeds your expectations. That's why Bright Start Pre-School & Daycare is here! We have the answer to the problem that many parents face—where to find quality child care? Our program has been developed to serve the needs of today's family. Bright Start Pre-School & Daycare creates an environment where children are safe, nurtured, loved, and encouraged to learn.

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Our mission is to give peace of mind to each parent by providing the highest standards of child care and the most comprehensive, age-appropriate education. Our philosophy is to give your children a secure environment where they can have fun, gain self-confidence, develop intellectual abilities, and become well-rounded, happy individuals.

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“The leadership is solid, the teachers are great, the culture is both healthy and fun! All these together make a school that’s hard to beat!”

The staff and Bright Start Pre-School & Daycare are well-trained, and that is clearly a reflection of the kind and professional leadership they receive from the director

Love Bright Start Pre-School & Daycare My 5 year old is excited to go everyday and loves the entire staff! They make everyone feel like family and I love that they use the same discipline from karate in the